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Pittards Starlight

Pittards Starlight

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Introducing Starlight Leather: Elegant Softness with Water-Resistant Brilliance.

Soft Beauty, Enhanced: Starlight, a captivating aniline leather, shares the natural charm of Aniline Burleigh but goes the extra mile with Pittard's water-resistant technology. Enjoy the softness you love, now with added resilience.

Versatile Thickness: With a substance of 1.6/1.8mm, Starlight strikes the perfect balance between substance and softness. Ideal for a variety of applications, it provides a canvas for your creativity.

Natural Allure: Embrace the innate beauty of Aniline Burleigh in Starlight. Each piece carries the natural characteristics, telling a story through its unique grain patterns and textures.

Water-Resistant Advantage: Pittard's water-resistant technology elevates Starlight, making it your reliable choice. Embrace worry-free elegance as your creations repel water, maintaining their allure through various conditions.

Classic Chestnut Hue: Starlight is available in the classic Chestnut hue, adding warmth and sophistication to your projects. Choose Chestnut for timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

Craft with Confidence: Elevate your creations with Starlight Leather – where soft beauty meets water-resistant brilliance.

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