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Pittards Raphael Black and Caramello

Pittards Raphael Black and Caramello

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Discover Elegance in Raphael Black & Caremello: Smooth, Stylish, Weather-Ready.

Sleek Sophistication: Experience unparalleled elegance with our smooth finished cow leather in Raphael Black and Caremello. The deep black hue of Raphael Black, paired with the warm, inviting tone of Caremello, adds a timeless sophistication to your creations.

Versatile Thickness, Weather-Ready: At 1.2-1.4mm, these leathers offer the perfect blend of finesse and durability. Plus, they're water-repellent, ensuring your creations stay resilient in any weather.

Effortless Style, Effortless Care: Enjoy simplicity in care while maintaining lasting beauty. Raphael Black and Caremello are designed for easy maintenance, allowing their natural charm to shine through effortlessly.

Upgrade Your Craft: Transform your creations with the smooth elegance of Raphael Black and the inviting warmth of Caremello – where style meets comfort and simplicity reigns supreme.

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