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Pittards Black Thorny Water Resistant

Pittards Black Thorny Water Resistant

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Black Thorny Leather: Sleek, Water-Resistant Elegance

Unleash the sophistication of Black Thorny leather – where style meets resilience in every touch.

Sleek and Water-Resistant: Crafted for modern living, Black Thorny boasts a smooth finish that's as stylish as it is practical. This water-resistant leather effortlessly repels the elements, ensuring your elegance remains intact.

Thin yet Durable: At 1.4-1.6mm, this cowhide strikes the perfect balance between thinness and durability. Ideal for sleek applications, it's your go-to choice for projects demanding both finesse and strength.

Boldly Black: Named for its deep, bold hue, Black Thorny adds a touch of mystery and sophistication to any setting. Make a statement with this timeless and versatile leather.

Embrace Resilient Luxury: Designed to resist the wear and tear of everyday life, Black Thorny is more than just leather – it's a commitment to enduring style. The perfect companion for those who demand both form and function.

Upgrade to Black Thorny leather – where smooth meets water-resistant, and elegance meets endurance.

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