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Pittards Aintree Black

Pittards Aintree Black

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Introducing Aniline Burleigh Leather: Timeless Elegance, Unmatched Comfort.

Discover the classic charm of Aniline Burleigh leather – a refined choice for those who appreciate both style and substance.

Soft by Nature: Milled to perfection, Aniline Burleigh boasts a soft, supple feel that enhances its natural grain. The result? A touch of luxury in every interaction.

Versatile Thickness: At 1.6mm to 1.8mm, this leather strikes the ideal balance between durability and sophistication. Perfect for various applications, from elegant upholstery to enduring accessories.

True to Form: Embrace the genuine beauty of the hide. Aniline Burleigh is dyed with soluble dyes, revealing the authentic markings and grain patterns. It's style that speaks for itself.

Handle with Care: While non-water resistant, this leather rewards careful attention. Keep it away from excess moisture, and it will age gracefully, becoming a testament to your refined taste.

Elevate your space and style effortlessly with Aniline Burleigh – where classic meets contemporary, and comfort meets class.

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