Founded in 1893 by visionaries John Naudin and Ernest Jones, Jones & Naudin (J&N) originally embarked on its journey as a textile and a raw supplier of pelts from around the globe. In those early days, everything in the textile industry passed through J&N before reaching the rest of the county. Jones and Naudin had offices in all major countries  at this time.  We were one of the largest raw suppliers of leather in the world.

As time passed, J&N’s course shifted from the textile industry to mainly selling raw and pickled pelts from around the globe. Today, our primary focus revolves around our exquisite hairsheep, goat and North American white- tail deer. We proudly engage in substantial business, supplying leather to diverse glove manufacturers holding military contracts.

The J&N legacy carries the indomitable spirit of Fred Arnold Sr., who began his dedicated service with Jones & Naudin in 1918. A teenager at the time, he climbed the ladder from the ground up and, remarkably, became Vice President shortly after the crash of '29. In a memorable moment, owner John Naudin called him into the office to tell him he was promoting  him to Vice President. Daddy Arnold , just hoping for a small raise(he was hoping for a dime a week raise) to accompany his new title, was handed a key to the executive bathroom, a gesture that taught “Daddy Arnold” the true value of titles.

Continuing the family's connection with J&N, Fred Arnold Sr. eventually acquired the company in 1960. His sons, Fred Arnold Jr. and Richard Arnold, joined him during this era. Together, they continued with  the leather trade, purchasing a tannery and forming a three-way partnership. However, circumstances took an unexpected turn when Richard & Fred Jr. chose to dissolve their partnership. Richard became the sole owner of Schaffel Tanning and Fred Jr. the sole owner of Jones & Naudin Leather.

The legacy persevered when Fred Jr.'s daughter, Linda, who had grown up within the business, followed in her father's footsteps. She and her husband Angel, took the helm in 1995, furthering the family's rich tradition. In 1997, their son, Scott, joined the team, and together, they continue to steer the ship that is Jones & Naudin, upholding its time-honored values and commitment to excellence to this very day. From 1995 till  today,  we love the leather industry. “It’s in our blood.”